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The rebuildable atomizer Druga RDA by Augvape has a deck as never seen before The two poles are designed so the building and fixing coils is easier with clamp snags. With this it can fit a wider arrange of coils. Gold plated deck. The squonk mod is made of thermoplastic polymer and uses a 18650 not included in the kit – Airflow control – Thread type: 510 – Diameter: 22mm – Capacity:5ml



Product type: Squonk kit

Color combination: Black Mod 

Material: thermoplastic polymer

Atomizer material: Stainless steel

Liquid capacity: 5ml

Connection Threading: 510

Drip tip: Yes

Drip tip replaceable: Yes

Coil rebuildable: Yes

Battery type: replaceable, rechargeable, 18650

Batteries not included

Number of batteries: 1

Size: 118mm x 46mm x 23mm

Battery charging: By  taking out the cells and charging them through external charger.

Gold plated squonker connection

Magnetic cover for easy bottle refill

Gold plated atomizer

Ultem fire button

Deep juice well

How to add liquid: Fill the silicone bottle. Insert it in the mod. Then squeeze it to wet the cotton.

Battery charging: By taking out the cell and charge them through external charger.

Airflow control: Rotate the cap of the atomizer.

Head replacement: 1) Before starting make sure your hands are clean. 2) Take the head apart. 3) Installing the pre-wrapped coil. Place the coil between the posts and wrap the ends around the screws and tighten up, once all in place make sure the coil is fixed in the center and lined up with the air hole, and also make sure the coil is NOT touching the base. 4) Positioning and cutting the exceeding ends of wire off. 5) Cutting a strip of cotton and make sure it's not too much and not too less. 6) Inserting the cotton, and placing it in the middle. 7) Cutting the cotton at an angle and make sure it’s not too short and not too long. 8) Wet the coil with your e-liquid and adjust the cotton. 
Warning: Coils must be checked for resistance before they are fired on a device, and re-checked periodically to ensure the resistance remains the same.


1 x Squonk Mod Druga by Augvape

1 x Druga 22 RDA by Augvape

1 x 5ml Silicone Bottle

1 x 810 Ultem Wide Bore Drip Tip

1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter

1 x Single Coil Block

1 x User Manual

Spare O-Rings

Augvape Druga 22 Squonker full kit

Codice: KIT
Disponibilità: 1
Prezzo: 44,90 €

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